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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Clinton Wants Internet Freedom

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is calling for Internet freedom on a global scale. She sees the restrictive Internet use in countries like China and Syria and wants that to end. Clinton sees the Internet as a place where free expression should be available to all who connect to it, no matter where they're from. I would tend to agree with her to a point. I do think it's wrong to take away people's freedoms, whether in cyberspace or not, and I do think it's wrong to keep people in fear of fines or prison because of what they say on the Internet. Take a look around the state of global politics and you'll see several nations rising up against oppression and taking government into their own hands. The Internet is just another way to oppress a people, so let's give everyone one more freedom. However, the article mentions the United States encouraging people to get around filters and censors, and I don't think it's the U.S.'s responsibility to have citizens of other countries disobey their country. We have no purpose in getting involved in these affairs, and I think it's time for us to stop mediating every global conflict and start fixing our domestic problems.

Clinton calls for global recognition of Internet freedom

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