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Monday, January 10, 2011

Limbaugh Defends Republicans in Giffords Shooting

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh defended himself and other Republicans today after accusations from the left that their inciteful and charged words drove Jared Lee Loughner, the main suspect in the Giffords shooting, to do what he did. Although Limbaugh and others like him do say some outrageous and stupid things on the air, it's unfair to play the blame game in the midst of this tragedy. It's not right for liberals to blame an entire group of people who had absolutely nothing to do with the crime, and there's no way I could justify getting even the slightest bit angry at Limbaugh for defending himself. It's actually pretty sad that politics can find a way to turn something like this into a chance to blame the other party.

Limbaugh says Dems playing politics with Giffords shooting

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