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Monday, January 3, 2011

Republicans in 2012 Election

As the Republicans are getting ready to start their presidential campaign, the media asked several prominent Republicans who they think will ultimately be the candidate. Columnist George Will ruled out Sarah Palin completely, saying she just wouldn't be able to get the vote of the moderates. He's actually looking at Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels to be the Republican canidate, if he decides to run. Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey thought Palin could become the Republican candidate if she were to focus on the fiscal issues that moderates care about. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham felt that Mitt Romney would be the best choice for the Republicans. It's still early, but the Republican party clearly isn't ready to endorse a single candidate. It'll be interesting to see who will step up to race against, presumably, President Obama.

Palin 2012: can she win or can't she?

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