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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Few Aware of Election Results

A poll announced yesterday shows an alarmingly low rate of Americans actually know that the Republicans control the House after the election. According to a poll done by Pew, 46 percent of 1,001 adults surveyed knew Republicans were victorious, while the others were incorrect or unsure. The numbers aren't quite as bad as they sound though, since the poll at least indicated that 75 percent of those surveyed knew that Republicans did better than the Democrats. Still, these numbers are sad. Democracy is all about citizen participation and awareness, and it seems this country is losing sight of that. Are we really all that lazy and self-centered that we don't care enough about the country to even know its leadership? We're lucky to even get 40 percent of registered voters go the poll. As a citizen and someone interested in politics, I get disappointed when reading these kinds of articles. How is democracy going to survive with this lack of participation?

Poll: Less than half know GOP won the House

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