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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bill Clinton Butts Into Chicago Mayoral Race

Bill Clinton decided to put his support behind ex-Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for the Chicago mayoral face. Democratic Representative Danny Davis, a former supporter of Clinton, told the former president to leave the race alone. Davis is an African-American and said that Clinton would fracture his relationship with the entire black community of Chicago should he decide to continue to push for the other candidate. While I agree that Clinton has no place in supporting one candidate over another in Chicago's mayoral race, I also don't see why Davis had to bring race into the argument. Clinton shouldn't be supporting anybody for this campaign regardless of race, but I don't think the former president took race into consideration when choosing to support Emanuel. It was inconsiderate and pretty egotistic of Clinton to insert himself into this campaign, but pretty ignorant on Davis' part to even mention race.

Dem warns Bill Clinton: Back off

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