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Monday, December 6, 2010

Modern President Popularity Announced

A new Gallup poll announced the popularity of the previous nine presidents this nation has had. Kennedy ranked first with an 85 percent retrospective approval rating. Ronald Reagan came in second with 74 percent, with Bill Clinton rounding out the top three. Carter was third in the last poll, but is now sixth, possibly due to his criticism of George W. Bush and the Iraq War. Richard Nixon came in last with George W. Bush just ahead of him; making them the only two of the presidents with a retrospective approval rating less than 50 percent. It's still early to tell with Bush, however, since his approval rating is actually on the rise since he left office. The poll actually indicated that most of the presidents approval rating has gotten better over time, a sign that people seem to look back on past events with a more positive light than they may have looked at it during the present. That's true with nearly all events in our lives; we tend to remember the good things in life and downplay the bad things as they get further and further away from us. I found this poll pretty interesting, although nothing really surprised me in the results.

Kennedy remains most popular modern president

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