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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rangel Censured

Remember the post on Charlie Rangel a couple weeks back? Well he's back in the news again facing the punishment for the crimes I mentioned earlier. The House is censuring him and I'm satisfied with the punishment. Rangel and some other members of Congress feel the punishment is too severe but I feel like he's lucky he didn't get expelled. Holding a public office means accepting a lot of responsibility and if you're too immature to abide by the laws you certainly don't deserve to hold one. I wish he would have gotten expelled as an example to others that absolutely no misconduct will be tolerated. Censure is really only a formal humiliation of someone and has very little long term consequences, so he'll get over it and move on to being the exact same person he was. Sure his offenses were minor but shouldn't Congressmen have no offenses against them whatsoever, and shouldn't they be the example of a perfect citizen? I'm glad he received a punishment, but, although I'm sure many disagree with me, I value public offices too much to be able to tolerate criminals holding one, no matter how minor their offenses or how respected they were before breaking the law.

House censures Rangel

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