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Monday, December 20, 2010

Senate Weekend Recap

Alright I've touched a little bit on what the Senate was up to this weekend, but let's give a full recap. First of all, they repealed the 'don't ask, don't tell' law, which, as I mentioned earlier, I felt needed to be reversed. The Senate also worked on the START Treaty, a treaty with Russia that would limit both nations' number of nuclear weapons and leave both nations liable for inspection. The Senate failed to pass the DREAM bill, which was discussed in the post before this. They also went on to work on issues like food safety, government spending, and the health care of 9/11 responders, which you can read about in the article I'm linking. I'm pleased with the production of the Senate and I agree with most of the decisions they made, except for the food safety bill. This bill was supposed to increase government inspections of food, which, as anti-Capitalism as it is, does keep people safe. Instead, because of a legislative technicality, the bill will likely fail, which I'm pretty disappointed about.

What happened in the Senate this weekend

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